**NOT a hypothetical campaign, this content is all published.


Blog Posts // 200k+ Users.

From dating advice to one-off partnership posts, I draft many of the blog posts that appear on Bumble’s website, allowing users to connect more deeply with the brand.

Below are some of the blogs i’ve written— clicking the image will redirect you to the original post.

Conversation starters feature and Landing Page // 10 million+ users.

One sizable project I worked on was the conception of a new feature on Bumble entitled “Conversation Starters”. The goal was to get users to initiate more meaningful conversations on Bumble that would ultimately lead to continued relationships.

I played a key role in both concepting and logistically planning Bumble’s Conversation Starter Generator, and also crafted a large amount of the opening line suggestions that are offered to users in-app.

push notifications // 10 million+ users.

I write push notifications on a weekly basis that are sent to US and Canadian users on all three modes (Date, BFF, Bizz). Pushes always have a specific CTA (Get users online, get users to upload photos, etc.) and are segmented by various categories, including but not limited to age, gender, sexual preference, dating intention, activity level, zodiac sign, etc.