Kasey Brown // Copywriter

Hi, I’m Kasey. I try to sound clever for a living.

Technically I’m an Advertising major at The University of Texas, but most of my time is spent copywriting for Texas Creative. I graduate in December 2019 and am prematurely looking for a full time job.

When I’m not obsessively pining over Instagram captions, I like to meow back at my cat, read poetry, encourage people to recycle, and think about what I’m going to pitch on Shark Tank.


  • Texas Creative has both thickened my skin and inspired me to keep growing. I won’t cry at my desk when you’re critical of my work (that’s what the bathroom is for).

  • I’m good at the boring stuff, too. Shoutout to my random internship in IT for acquainting me to technical language and unnecessary acronyms.


  • I wear a lot of black, but my cat has white fur. You do the math.

  • Not quite humble enough to actually list out my professional weaknesses on a public domain. Have me in for an interview and maybe I’ll spill the beans.